Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hello to the Hallows.

Last Friday I placed a decal of the Deathly Hallows on my car.  My my what a stir this has caused...

"Is it religious?" No.
"Is it a sect?" No.
"Is it something to do with the Masons?" No.
"What is it then?" Go away Muggle.  Stop bothering me.

So after the initial reaction of people I do know (None Potterheads I may add) I didn't think much of it again.  That was until the next day.

"Umm some wierdo is looking at your car Laura!" says one of my employees.  Our cars can be seen through the window.

"Oh what! Get that peasant away from my beloved vehicle immediately!"

"Oh wait, he's taking a photo of that funny symbol you've stuck on it"

"Potterhead!" I rejoice loudly.

After the excitement had died down and another day of work was over, I was on my way home and stopped at the traffic lights.  Checking my rear view mirror I see a girl in the back of a 4x4 pass her phone forward to her brother (I assume) who wound down his window, stuck the phone out and took a snap of the Hallows!

So I smile when I remember these two incidents, and smile again thinking about the times it may have been spotted and I haven't noticed.  So if you see me out and about on the roads, give me a wave or a sign you're a fellow Potterhead :)

Now I just wish I'd stuck the damn thing on straight.

That is all.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Boredom

Bank Holiday today, which in reality just means more rubbish films on TV.  It rained all day, and it was really windy - the whippy kind that would leave your rain-wet hair plastered to your face.  So this meant I couldn't be bothered to even go out.  Not that I had anywhere to go.

There was a family outing to Hobbycraft (!) to buy some wool so Mum could knit Dad a cardy.  LOL.  I declined to go with them so stayed home with my dog.  We had a secret cuddle ON THE SOFA (he is strictly forbidden to go on any furniture).  My parents would freak if they found out.

I watched The Railway Children and cried when Roberta saw her Dad at the station and muttered "My Daddy...that's my Daddy" as she saw him appear through the train's thinning steam (or is that smoke?).

I then also cried laughing when my Dad told me the story of when he went crabbing as a kid.  He let all the crabs he'd caught go loose on the top deck of the bus then ran off.  I can imagine the chaos this caused to the passengers of the 1960's and can truly picture their squeals as they saw pincers heading their way.

Still no access to Pottermore.  I feel left out.  But am yet to actually cry about it.

That is all.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ginny Weasley and her hair

I went to see Deathly Hallows Part 2 again today.  Yet again I was horrified at Ginny's hair in the '19 Years Later' scene.  Have you seen it? What the hell were they thinking!  It's so round it looks a like a ridiculous ginger helmet from the 80's.

A helmet a Stormtrooper would be proud of.
I googled her barnet and came across images of the original scene (it was later re-shot) and I have to say both Ginny and Hermione look better than they did in the final cut.

Original scene hair
Part of me wishes I never saw the last scene.  I thought Harry was FAB though.
Saw it in 3D today as well, all the other times I've only been to 2D screenings.

That is all.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Access still denied.

I am now thoroughly bored and frustrated in the wait for my email from Pottermore.  I don't understand how the whole situation has been handled so badly.  Firstly no email, and secondly the site seems to be 'down' an awful lot due to 'overwhelming demand'.  A bit of a fail on Pottermore/Sony's behalf methinks. 

Yeah, I'm kind of dissing Potter...gasp.  I do feel bad, but I am angry and I actually feel a bit hurt.  There I said it.

Trying to so hard to be one of the 1st million betas (Excitement, frenzy, lack of sleep, breath holding), succeeding (joy, delight, general boasting) and an other agonizing wait for my entry email.

So why after all this time have I still not made it into Pottermore?  The only people that know are keeping silent and a very low profile.  If Pottermore was to make a statement along the lines of "Hey guys, we're not ready, we'll try and be open by..." I'd say fair enough, thanks for the honesty, I can get on with other things until then.

I actually feel that the silence from them had created a rift in the Pottermore Community, the people it's designed and created for.

So right now I'd love to tell Pottermore to stick it, but in total honesty I'm too desperate to get in.  TURMOIL.

Potterhead FOREVER x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dementors, drinks and Dominoes

Got in from work at 3pm and the Dementors have swooped in again.  It's dull, dark and depressing - my soul has been sucked out by #Pottermore and it's lack of invitation to my inbox.  It's either Dementors or winter, the latter meaning chapped lips and a vitamin D deficiency.  If only I were to get my email, I know I'd be exuberating pure sunlight from my inner soul...or is that a Patronus?

A drizzly day means a lack of customers, which in turn leads to boredom.  So I took this opportunity to create the 'Potterccino'.  Yeah yeah OK, I know it's just a regular cappuccino with a scar on it but hey, it gets a lol anyway. 
Watching a film called 'Pimp' tonight.  Not really my thing but it's got Royd Tolkein in it and he's kind of famous (OK so it was his grandad that did the really good stuff but he was in LOTRs - playing the friend of a main character; I can't be bothered to watch it again 'cos it bores me...yes I admit it.  LOTRs is not my thing).
Anyway, the point it, Royd is one of our regulars so we want to see him in action.

Royd in LOTRs - it's his real hair.
He was the most famous regular we have, but he's been pipped to the post by Marlene from Only Fools and Horses.  Bet he is gutted.

Marlene and Boycie

Having a Dominoes pizza tonight whilst watching the film, Two for Tuesday deal, although I could just get the garlic and herb dip as that's the bit I like best.

Off to look at wedding dresses now with my bezzie...I am a grown up really.

That is all.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Keep Calm and Carry A Wand!

Saw this picture on @AsphodelVine's Twitter.  Love it - we should all follow this advice!

Right now I am... day off today. 
So far achieved: Not a lot.
Have tweeted a lot and attempted to tidy my bedroom - clothes everywhere after my return from holiday.  Yeah OK, I've been back a week, but in my defense I have been working everyday since.  I did attempt the Scourgify spell as suggested by my Irish Tweeter @river_erised.  Unfortunately I had to do it the Muggle way.
So I've now navigated my way outside into the garden.  It's quite warm and sunny so have had to position my laptop under the gazebo and sit in the sun at the same time, otherwise I can't see a bloody thing. 
I'm also awaiting a phone call from the garage to tell me if my car has passed it's MOT.  Praying it does.  I'm thinking I made need new brake pads as the courtesy car I'm currently cruising leaves me heading through the windscreen everytime I touch the brakes.
The rest of my family are all on holiday this week so I'm home alone.  Except for the dog who is currently in his cubby having a sleep.  No one wants to play out today so doing nothing but obsess over Pottermore. 
That is all.